Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
Feet Up Carpet Cleaning DeSoto
Nothing but personal service for our life long customers!
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Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 469-747-1607

Carpet Cleaning in DeSoto TX

Have you been searching for a reliable and professional carpet cleaning service? Or wondering how to get rid of that tough-looking stain? Look no further, we have got you covered at Feet Up Carpet Cleaning DeSoto.

About Feet Up Carpet Cleaning in DeSoto

At Feet Up, we provide exceptional cleaning services for your home or office. We specialize in the cleaning and treating of carpets using different eco-friendly methods to leave them in a better than we found them.

We employ our expertise and years of experience in giving the best cleaning experience by making use of quality cleaning solutions and professional equipment.


Carpet Cleaning Services

We have a large array of services available to our customers. When it comes to carpets, we are a top-notch cleaner and know all there is to know about cleaning. We clean various types of carpets using different methods depending on the type you have. All our services are targeted towards giving you the best possible service delivery.

Some of our cleaning methods include but are not limited to:

  • Hot water Extraction
  • Deep cleaning
  • Shampoo cleaning
  • Disinfecting and Deodorizing

We make use of high-end professional-grade carpet cleaning equipment that finely cleans out the stains and dirt without a trace. We also get rid of odors alongside disinfection.

Our services are available 7 days a week, and you can schedule an appointment through our efficient customer service system available below.

How We Work

Do you have a special type of carpet and not sure how to clean it? Relax, we truly provide a professional service for all our clients by providing special care for different types of carpets. The first step of our cleaning process after you might have scheduled an appointment is an inspection. We inspect before treatment; this is to ensure that we give you the best cleaning and address areas of concern appropriately.

We offer individualized care and also make use of durable and eco-friendly equipment for steam cleaning carpets and deep cleaning carpets. No matter the cleaning method you require we have got it covered.


Our Team

We pride ourselves on the fine selection of our team and workers, with the confidence to assure you of a professional carpet cleaning service. We are a licensed, certified, and insured.

When it comes to the Feet Up Carpet Cleaning DeSoto team, you can be assured of:

  1. Professional service delivery - Our technicians are highly skilled and display professionalism during service delivery to all our clients.
  2. Fast cleaning service - We promptly respond to your calls and appointments and get your carpet cleaned as fast as possible.
  3. Supportive customer relations - You can schedule an appointment with us through our effective customer relations. We also follow up with our customers until the service and even after service delivery.
  4. Affordable service - We offer exceptional service at an amazing rate. You can also get a price estimate for your carpet cleaning at no cost.
  5. Integrity - This is the watchword of our team, as we are determined to give you a seamless cleaning service and experience.

Our team is made up of high-spirited individuals who are willing to put a smile on your face by putting a cleaner and fresher look on your carpet. Before you search "carpet cleaning near me" or "professional carpet cleaning near me", call us and we will show you how to clean a carpet in a professional style.

Professional carpet cleaning in DeSoto, TX

For effective cleaning either at home or in the office. Reach out to Feet Up Carpet Cleaning DeSoto at 469-747-1607.

"Yaair was super personable and describe my services in detail and why they were needed. He worked quickly and the final product is amazing. I definitely going to maintain services and will book again."

- Sharnika S.
Take action today.Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine! 469-747-1607
Healthier Home Environment Healthier Home Environment
Are you doing all you can to maintain a healthy indoor environment?
After your cleaning is completed you will enjoy the benefits of having a cleaner and healthier home environment.
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